2 min readNov 17, 2021


The Best Affirmation Comes From Our Childhood

Photo by Artem Maltsev on Unsplash

Do you believe in magic?

Probably not, especially if you are reading this article and the real world and life has now taken place over the magical ones we could only dream up.

This one particular word itself evokes magic and upon hearing you, it may heighten your own expectations to receive a reward if only for a moment.

You may or may not have said it but surely you’ve heard it.

Used to cast the best childhood magical spells, this word was even relied on by the Roman Empire to cure Malaria. During the Great Plague of London in 1665, people thought by writing this word of their door, it could prevent the plague from entering.

If nothing else it’ll make you smile as you feel silly for even saying it.


Who would’ve thought that the word used to pull a rabbit from a hat could manifest your dreams as an adult.

Translating to ‘I will create as I speak’ in Hebrew, just speaking the word sends the universe good vibes.

As creations ourselves, anything we want has the opportunity to grow into everything we need if intertwined with positive reinforcements.

And maybe just a touch of magic.

A piece of advice given to people who struggle to find their passion is to look back on their childhood. Sometimes the things we enjoyed can lead us where we are trying to go. And even those content in their life often still want more. Even if you are happy, there’s still ruts, disappointments, hardship, funks and bouts of dispassion.

Its’s life.

But Abracadabra can work in your favor by keeping your present if uses as a Power Word. Different from a goal where we experience the fruits after we’ve reached it, Power Words work right now, becoming more powerful as you say them simply because of the energy you infuse it with.

Just the same way habits work.

Abracadabra works as a Power Word because as you say it, you are channeling your creativity. Combining it with you passion ( i.e. Abracadabra jewelry line) you are affirming your very thoughts into tangible entities.

So even if you don’t believe in magic, just by speaking the word will bring some into your life.