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Should Rapper T.I. Continue His Comedy Career?

The king of the south is comedy’s new peasant

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If you have not heard, rapper T.I. has taken up a new hobby: comedy. If you have heard, you probably haven’t heard anything good about it.

When he busted on the scene back in 2001 with his album, I’m Serious, we were introduced to a young kid out of Atlanta from a dysfunctional family (who’s isn’t) who sold drugs, did time for it and partied alot in between. The usual rich gangsta lifestyle. Since then he has delivered 14 other projects, all which had very successful runs. In between that time we saw the birth of the majority of his 5 children, witnessed his marriage to Xscape singer Tiny while being offered a front seat to his marital woes, federal cases, charges and family dynamics through the lens of his reality show, Tiny & T.I.: The Family Hustle.

A quick YouTube search of T.I.’s Comedy will bring up quite a few video’s of him standing on stage with not-so-nice captions attached.

T.I Comedy videos — YouTube

The comments are even less forgiving than his punchlines.

Comments on T.I’s Stand up. — YouTube

Here’s the thing: For over 20 years, T.I. has arguably been one of the best rappers in the game. Just like his first album mentioned above, some would say that is not his best work. Of course not because he was working through it trying to see what would fit and what needed to be left off. Since then, he has gone on to perfect his craft, flow, penmanship and vocabulary to really show he deserved a spot among the greatest rappers. And now we’re watching him start over in an area he is working through.

Yes he should continue.

Like everyone else who is trying something new and are uncertain about the journey. We all know it takes real work to get anywhere and any comedian will tell you, to better your craft you have to hit the stage. Yes he already had an audience musically but this is something new we are seeing from him. There were people shooting him down when we heard he was…




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