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Is Xfinity Allowing Customers to be Scammed?

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When you return the call, you get the normal “Thank you for calling Xfinity” prompt so you wouldn’t really think anything of it. It wasn’t until all monies had been added to the gift card and then taken off that the realization hit. They got me.

Scammers are getting better by the minute. Remember when all it took was a glitchy looking image, an email riddled with misspellings, or you could tell by the senders name that it was a scam?

Its not that easy anymore. Whether through a work email about phishing, the news, family or friends, most of us have been warned about scammers. We’ve heard the horrifying stories and the movies giving accounts of people scamming seniors out of their pensions and social security, and being millenials we should’ve known.

But this is where Xfinity is being reactive instead of proactive.

Google “target/x”…and before you can even spell out Xfinity, google will have already populated the target/xfinity scam. Google is well aware of this scam, so is Xfinity. As customers for over three years now, there has been no email to hit my inbox apologizing about my infomation being leak, nor is there an apology happening either. You see, Xfinity has a forum on their website where many customers are complaining about this scam. How people have called them pretending to be Xfinity, has all their information(name, address, phone, balance info) and knows exactly when their current promotion is ending.

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The red flag should’ve started waving as soon as the Target gift card came into play. How you have to add $450 onto the card covering your payments for 10 months and once your payments start again, it’ll be $50 even. All of this should’ve set that red flag on fire but my want to lower the internet bill by $40 extinguished any flames that were there, especially the “this is too good to be true” flames shooting to the sky.

The credit card company has already reversed the charges but what about the other 16 million Xfinity customers? And how did they even get our information? According to the forum, the customer complaints date back to November 2022. Xfinity has known about this issue four months now and has decided to remain quiet.

What a terrible idea.

If Xfinity does not get a handle on this soon, it sounds like there will be a lawsuit in the near future.




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