How a Picture can = a Thousand Buys

3 min readJan 21, 2022
Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

The Internet has almost made it impossible to make excuses. Whatever you want to buy, eat or place you would love to visit, it can be at your fingertips in merely seconds. Sometimes that in itself can be the overwhelming part. Way too many options. But if you are a great advertiser or know your target market, you should have no problem meeting your bottle line.

Picture the details

With ever post, there is one detail that ever writer, publisher, editor or other writing Gods will tell is a must before publishing your article or product to a website and that is a picture. It needs to be bold, attractive, clear and enticing enough to bring eyeballs. And depending on the message you are conveying, the picture may be all you need to increase your viewership and sales. Here’s an example:

Crawfish is a New Orleans staple and like cooking anything, there is method to doing it right. Here in Houston, there are a slew of Cajun and seafood eateries boasting the best crawfish and boils in the city. If you do it right the crawfish will be well seasoned and flavorful while you are boiling them and won’t need extra seasoning once they are done, which is what is normally done outside of Louisiana.

With Crawfish season upon us, people are whipping out the pots and propane tanks to create seafood platters and feasts. My house was in need of a seafood paddle so we took our search to Google and it was the spoon from Lowe’s that will probably be the winner.

Bayou Spoon — Lowe’s website

Detail the description

No this isn’t a paddle but when working with crawfish you want something that is long enough to reach deep into the pot as well and able to grab a hearty amount of these sea sweepers. The description uses words like Bayou, crawfish boil, large boil pots and 40-inch handle so you know it’ll cover all your crawfish boiling needs.

Crawfish — Lowe’s website

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