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He Died In Police Custody and They Called it A Car Accident

Black people not safe anywhere, even in death

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46 Minutes of footage was obtained from a body cam shows state troopers beating, dragging and tasing a black man. One officer even puts him in a chokehold while he’s restrained. The Black Louisianan state trooper speaking out against this horrific violation is subjected to be terminated in the next 45 days.

I wrote an article yesterday about how a white Republican campaign manager feels that making black children feel included threatens white children. Now, I don’t wake up every morning ready to be on my African American soapbox. I wake up with the idea to be so consumed by writing an article that something will spark my interest, my anxiety will decrease once I have the idea and the writing will commence. It just so happens that the people I care the most about are always being fucked with and today is just no different.

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I crave peace and it just so happens that I live in this world that wants anything but that. Because if we really wanted peace, the US would part every sea in the world in order to make it happen. Instead, they rather stay on their B.S. forcing people like me to have something to say about it.

Robert Green was in violation of not pulling over which lead to a chase by the state trooper highlighting the 115 mph speed he was going throughout the rural highway.

This incident happened May 10, 2019 and an investigation was not opened for over a year. The initial reports said his car slammed into a concrete pillar and he died on the scene.

All because they could and never thought there was a chance to get caught. How many other incidents have happened like this and was covered up accidentally? The video still being shared around news stations shows Mr. Greene on the ground with a bloody head, shirt and legs. I forced myself to watch footage from George Floyd through the murder trail of Derek Chauvin. My heart couldn’t bear no more than the first few seconds where a crying Robert Greene can be seen and heard pleading with the officers before the violence ensues.




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