#CanWeTalk Appreciation Post

2 min readDec 22, 2021

The resurrection of Tevin Campbell

Tevin Campbell-singer Instagram

In the early 90's the world fell at the feet of Tevin Campbell. Backed by Babyface and Laface records, this young kid with huge pipes blew everyone away. An instant heartthrob to young girls everywhere, Tevin Campbell had all the makings of a star. From his early start in the church to auditioning for jazz flutist Bobbi Humphrey which later led him to a meeting with Warner Bros. His debut album T.E.V.I.N. was release in 1991 with hits like Tell Me What You Want Me To Do and Round and Round but it was his second album I’m Ready, release in 1993 where people really started paying attention.

The single ‘Can We Talk’ solidified his place in the singer-sphere as a natural talent with big vocals, something you really don’t need much of these days to be considered a singer. But this was way before auto-tune when the only thing a singer could rely on was their voice. Tevin went on to release his third album Back to the World in 1996 with very little fan fare with him all but disappearing from the spotlight. We hadn’t heard much from him in the recent years until the TikTok #CanWeTalk Challenge started where we even get a small rendition from Mr. Campbell himself.

Already gone viral with fans across the world, r&b singers also decided to give the challenge a go. Singers like Boys II Men’s Wanya Morris, Tank, Mario, boxing champ Laila Ali along with many others brought out their chops to try singing the chorus and bridge through the many vocal changes and facial expressions.

And although many sounded amazing there is still only one who does it to perfection. So to Mr. Tevin Campbell…what an honor it was to witness your emergence into the music industry and I am so appreciative to see you getting your flowers after so many years. Your voice is like silk and though the requirements of what constitutes one as a signer has changed, your legacy will always be one of a man who sang so effortlessly and beautiful.

Thank you.


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