3 min readFeb 14, 2023


Black Living in Jackson, Mississippi? GET OUT

We don’t need any black people falling into the sunken District of Jackson

Jordan Peele’s GET OUT poster

In regards to Jordan Peele’s 2017 movie GET OUT, it did a great job of summarizing racially motivated anxiety in black folks. And I can feel the racial anxiety bubbling all over Jackson, Mississippi.

If you are not aware, Jackson, Mississippi is the 2nd blackest city in the US with 82.8% black citizens, according to the census, They fall right behind Detroit’s African American population sitting right at 77. 9%.
Recently, the officials in legislation over Mississippi are currently voting to give black people their own court system.

The Mississippi House of Representatives has approved it and if passed by the Senate, it will become law. And the real answer to this is racism.

That last sentence was going to be “and the real question is why?” But we already know the answer to that, right?

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

If passed, Hinds county, where Jackson lives, will be the first county in Mississippi to go against the grain of voter-appointed leaders, relying solely on the appointment by state officials who all happen to be white. That means all judges and clerks will be appointed by a white Chief Justice right along with prosecutors that will be appointed by the State’s Attorney General. Ding, ding! You guessed it. The AG is white too.

The bill itself was introduced by Mississippi state representative John Thomas ‘Trey’ Lamar as a solution to curb crime. He also proposed an expanded police force which he feels will make Jackson safer. All of this from a person who lives over 200 miles away from the city and *surprise* happens to be white, but I digress.

More police in black neighborhoods has never made black people feel safer and usually cost us a few lives if anything. In reading this proposed bill, did it ever cross their minds to -I don’t know- create a job program for the upcoming youth to make them feel seen and responsible? What about the creation of after-school programs? If crime is up I’m sure drugs are as well so what about drug-treatment programs…